In-Patient Guidelines | Ivy Hospital


Infection Control: Only 1 attendant is allowed in the single and double room, other than the visiting hours. Also 1 attendant in G. Ward during visiting hours.

Attendant Visitor Pass: These will be issued as per the room/bed allocated at the time of admission. On transfer of the patient to another ward/room, kindly exchange your passes from the IPD reception. On discharge, return the passes at the time of bill clearance. Loss of passes will be charged at Rs. 50 per pass

Night Sleeping Facility: ICU/CCU/HDU and G.Ward attendants can use the lobby area to sleep at night. For other rooms, 1 attendant is allowed per night.

No eatables from outside are allowed in the Hospital: This is due to dietary restriction and infection control. Attendants can avail of our F&B services or the cafeteria.

F&B Service: The routine meals for the patients are a part of the room tariff and all other orders to the F&B services are chargeable in the patient’s final bill.

Do not bring medicines from outside

ICU Guidelines:

Kindly Switch off your Cell Phone: Pagers, beepers and other wireless equipment are not allowed in the Intensive Care Zones in the hospital as these interfere with the Patient Monitoring System. However, the devices can be used in the Waiting Area

Children Below 12 not permitted: Do not bring children below 12. This is a precautionary measure as children are prone to catch infection

In ICU, only 1 attendant is allowed for a maximum of 5 minutes. Please adhere to this as it will help us taking care of your patient.

Parking/Token Cards: These will be provided to the attendant. This will entitle you t park your vehicle in the hospital premises. Also during night time, only 1 car will be allowed to be parked. Parking for more than 24 hours will not be permitted without prior permission. Please park your cars properly to avoid any inconvenience to others. 

Non-Smoking Policy: The entire hospital is a ‘No-Smoking Zone’. Kindly do not smoke anywhere in the hospital

Please avoid bringing costly items to the hospital. These might be at the risk of getting lost/misplaced

Gifts/ Flowers: For the  reasons of infection control, flowers are not allowed in any Patient Area

Visiting Hours:  
Morning: 11:00 am to 12:00 Noon 
Evening: 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

All Intensive Care Areas are sterile zones and all attendants are required to wear appropriate attire as instructed and provided by the hospital staff