Dr. GR Verma | Senior Consultant Laparoscopic, HPB & GI Surgeon, Director Digestive Disease Sciences | Ivy Hospital

Dr. GR Verma

Dr. GR Verma

Senior Consultant Laparoscopic, HPB & GI Surgeon, Director Digestive Disease Sciences
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A 1977 medical graduate from KGMC Lucknow, He did Mastery of Surgery from PGI Chandigarh in 1981. After completing registrar ship at PGI and a short stint as Lecturer at Medical College & Hosp. Rohtak, He joined back PGI as Associate Prof.  (Surgery) in 1986 and was promoted to Prof. of  Gen.Surgery in 2002 and later as Prof. in GI Surgery in 2008. He served as Senior Prof. & HOD, Surg. Gastroenterology PGI Chd. Until March 2019.  The division had been running super speciality program, M Ch. (Surg. Gastroent.) for the last thirteen years. He has approx. FORTY-TWO YEARS of clinical, teaching and research experience in surgery. His field of interest is laparoscopic surgery and Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic surgery.

Widely travelled abroad in quest of knowledge, Dr Verma has obtained training in laparoscopic and hepatobiliary & Pancreatic surgery at centres of excellence in USA, UK, Germany and Japan. A recipient of DAAD Fellowship (German Academic Exchange Fellowship), he successfully passed outFellowship of Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS) in 1999. Dr Verma was conferred Das Mohapatra Oration of A.S.I. and he delivered Brhamapur Oration in Cuttack on a new technique in pancreatic surgery. He has also conferred IAGES visiting professorship in Laparoscopic Surgery in 2003. He was awarded best video on “laparoscopic surgery in hepatic hydatid cyst.  Recently He has bestowed the honour of delivering PC Dubey oration at KGMU Lucknow and  Bhubaneswar orations by Odisha chapter of ASI.

Dr Verma was the pioneering surgeon in Laparoscopic surgery at PGI. He also popularized the concept of Daycare Laparoscopic cholecystectomy and laparoscopic cancer surgery at PGI Chandigarh. Of late he has developed a new cosmetic technique of Laparoscopic cholecystectomy called “BIKINI LAPAROSCOPIC CHOLECYSTECTOMY”, which leaves the abdomen free of any scar. Original research on the efficiency of FLT PET CT scan in Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic cancers was done by him the first time in India. The research was published in the International journal with high impact factor.

Dr Verma has extensive experience in teaching and training of Postgraduates in General Surgery and Super speciality of GI & HPB Surgery. He was running M.Ch. (Surg. Gastroent.) Program for more than 10 years. Many trained students are occupying important positions  & Heading the Depts. in GI Surgery and General Surgery in India and abroad. He is well versed in performing all kinds of elective and Emergency GI & Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery.   

Dr Verma is a former senior professor & Head of Surgical Gastroenterology at PGI Chandigarh


Work Experience:

Have extensive experience in teaching and training of Post graduates in General Surgery and Super specialty of GI & HPB Surgery . He was running M.Ch. (Surg. Gastroent.) Program for more than 10 years. Many trained students are occupying important positions &Heading the Depts. in GI Surgery and General Surgery in India and abroad. A pioneer in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, He did first Laparoscopic surgery at PGI Chandigarh in early Ninetees. Original research on the efficiency of FLT PET scan in Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic cancers was done for the first time in India. Capable of performing all kinds of elective and Emergency GI & Hepato biliary and Pancreatic Surgery.
1. Expert of selection committee for appointment /promotion of Faculty
2. Prof. & Head Div. of Surg Gastroent. PGI Chd.
3. Chairman medical board PGI Chandigarh
4. Liaison Officer PGI Chandigarh
5. Chairman, Purchase Committee PGI Chandigarh

1. Training in Hepatobiliary and Laparoscopic surgery at Hannover (Germany) 1992
2. Training in Hepatobiliary and Laparoscopic surgery at Munich (Germany) 1992
3. Training in Hepatobiliary surgery at Kyoto University Hospital (Japan) 1993
4. Training in Laparoscopic Surgery at Takeda General Hospital (Japan) 1993
5. Clinical Observer at Minimally invasive surgery Center, The Mount Sinai
School of Medicine, NewYork (USA) 2002
6. Clinical Observer in Lap.Colo rectal Surgery, Imperial College, (London) 2005

Education & Training:


Former Head, Surgical Gastroenterology, PGI Chd.

Awards Information:


1. German Academic Fellowship (DAAD) 1992
2. Das Mohapatra Oration 2012 at ASICON 2012 at Kolkata
3. Best Laparoscopic Video award at National Conference of I.A.G.E.S.- April 1997 Ludhiana
4. Metrogyl visiting professorship in laparoscopic surgery by Indian Association of Gastrointestinal Endo surgeons. – July 2003
5. Bahrampur oration 2007 by Orissa Chapter of ASI- Feb. 2007
6. Presidential Oration in SELSICON 2014 Bhubneswar Sept. 2014 Topic: “ past, present and future of laparoscopic surgery in India”
7. Dr H. Lalmohon Singh Oration of Manipur chapter of ASI, Oct. 2015
8. Dr PC Dubey Oration, KGMU Lucknow, Feb. 2018
9. Bhubaneswar Oration Odisha Chapter of ASI Conf. Balasore. Jan 2019

Research & Publication:

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