Behind the myths of Total Knee Replacement (TKR)

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Despite technology making our lives easier and more convenient, some of us still hesitate to imbibe it when it comes to our bodies. Knee replacement surgery is one of those aspects that worries patients with arthritis pain and makes them doubt whether or not to go ahead with it. Since there is an overflux of information all around us, there are myths that often discourage patients from considering total knee replacement treatment.

Ivy hospital - the best knee replacement hospital in Mohali is here to bust some of those myths with facts and turn you in favour of TKR.

1. It is fine to wait as long as possible before undergoing knee replacement surgery.

- Why would you want to put yourself through all the pain? Especially with diseases such as Osteoarthritis, where joint surfaces keep getting damaged and deform the shape of bones around the knees. Instead of unnecessarily tolerating pain and delaying surgery, get it done as soon as you possibly can.

2. I am not young and fit enough for surgery.

- Age is not a factor for TKR. People of any age can get TKR done as long as they are clinically fit.

3. It takes months or almost a year to recover from TKR.

- After TKR, a patient can become fully independent for daily bathroom activities within 24-48 hours of the surgery. Knee bending is allowed and in three weeks, the patient can partake in social activities as well. The majority of TKR patients resume their daily schedule within six weeks of surgery.

4. Heart patients cannot undergo TKR surgery.

- This couldn’t be more wrong. Several tests are conducted before TKR to assess the cardiac functions of the patient such as Echo-cardiography, Thallium stress echo-cardiography etc. Besides, patients who have been treated previously for heart diseases are better suited for TKR surgeries. However, one has to control their diabetes, hypertension or any other heart disease once the knee replacement surgery has been done.

5. TKR can only be done once.

- A big myth. TKR can be done again if in case there has been an unfortunate incident with the knee. It is referred to as revision joint replacement surgery.

6. There is a limit to how long the new knee can last.

- This sentence is debatable. With the way new technologies keep emerging, the new computer-assisted knee replacement has a longer lifespan. Today, a new knee can last for almost 20-25 years and some, maybe even the rest of their lives.

7. You can’t drive after getting TKR.

- Of course, you can! In fact, it gets a lot more comfortable and easier to drive after getting a knee replacement and most patients get back to driving within six to eight weeks of surgery.

8. Alternative treatments will cure arthritis pain much quicker than TKR.

- This statement is nothing but an unnecessary delaying tactic. There is no scientific data backing that alternative therapies can bring permanent relief from arthritis pain. These therapies can surely delay the surgery by dimming the pain but can never truly get rid of it. Therefore, getting a knee replacement done is the safest and guaranteed relief option.

9. Obesity prevents a person from getting TKR.

- A person’s weight does not determine whether or not they can have knee replacement surgery. An obese person can also successfully get their knee replaced. There are often instances where an obese person has lost weight after the surgery as they get more active and mobile with a new pain-free knee.

10. TKR involves removing the whole knee like removing a kidney and replacing it with a new one.

- This doesn’t ring true at all. TKR involves getting rid of only the worn-out surfaces of the bones which are usually around eight to nine millimetres and replacing them with artificial implants. Your whole knee won’t be replaced.

These are only some of the myths circling around. If you come across any other doubt, don’t hesitate to reach out to us - Ivy Hospital. We have the best orthopaedic specialist in Mohali at our affordable healthcare hospital to give you the finest treatment.

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