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Terms & Conditions for Patients

1. The packages include stay in General Ward only.

2. If patient wants for Twin Sharing Room or higher category .Differential will be charged as per the Hospital tariff subject to the availability of the opted room category.

3. These rates are applicable for Planned and Non Emergency Cases only.

4. For emergency cases the charges would be as per the hospital policy.

5. Rates are applicable for Standard Surgeries & Procedures only. Any Complicated or High RiskSurgeries or Procedures would be charged as per the hospital policy.

6. Also, if any additional complication, involving any other organ or disease, a that could arise during the Standard Surgery or Procedure, the secondary surgery or treatment for the same shall be charged as per the hospital billing policy.

7. All PAC investigation will not be part of the package and same shall be done in OPD and would attract additional charges as per the hospital policy.

8. Blood Charges, Cross consultation and their investigation or treatment will be charged as per the hospital policy.

9. Package includes stay & diet charges for the patient only.

10. 100% advance payment is to be deposited before the surgery.

11. Only the listed Surgeries and Procedures are eligible for CGHS rates.

12. No other discounts or prevailing schemes are applicable or clubbed together.